Software Solutions

We offer customized software solutions to solve the problems of complex global traders.


Our goal was to create a simple, powerful, and centralized place to share and store documents, spreadsheets, and trade data with key participants in your supply-chain.  The result was mbrella. There is no other global compliance tool as flexible and powerful.

  • Manage NAFTAs

  • Store and share documents

  • Manage Embargoes, Rulings, Affidavits

  • Customized Global Tariff Classification

  • Associate objects to trade programs or campaigns

  • Restricted Party Screening

  • Exchange data securely with vendors and service providers

No Software to Install

Manage your compliance in the cloud. Our software runs in your web browser and your data is stored on our secure servers.

Simple and Useful

We keep our software simple. There is great power in simplicity. Hardly any training is needed for your staff or your vendor/partners. You will be productive in minutes.


You can customize your views to capture what is important to you. Bake your own workflow as needed.

Easy API Integration

The Power of mbrella is the API. Our API allows two-way integration with your existing IT systems to keep everything in Sync.


We have designed Returns Solutions that focus on recovering duties paid on goods returning across a border.  We also leverage our mbrella compliance tools to build NAFTA Refund programs that make sure companies are not overpaying by mistake.

Post-Audit Pro

Our post-audit solution helps you quantify your risk and exposure over time.  Our on-going monitoring of your transactions helps provide insights into in your trade patterns enabling you to react quickly to compliance issues.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.