Customs Brokerage

We know our customers want their goods released from customs as soon as possible with the correct information.  Our in-depth customer implementation process sets the stage for a unique program that will exceed expectations.

Visibility & Speed of Release

Our customers are provided web based tools that provide visibility to shipment status.  Our technology and processes ensure all goods are presented to customs electronically as soon as possible 7/24, from coast to coast.

Accuracy & Quality

We believe in doing it right the first time.  Our quality assurance program is multifaceted and includes the following;

  • Web based visibility to documents and information.
  • Reporting capabilities that will allow you to use your trade data for compliance and financial supply chain.
  • System generated review triggers based on various criteria.

Knowledge Management

Our in depth customer relationships allow mkmarin to provide the most current information on trade issues that directly impact their company.  We live by the idea that our customers need the right information at the right time.

US and Canada Brokerage

We are a niche brokerage group that focuses on building tailored solutions for the US and Canadian border.

Customs Self-Assessment

We are experts in moving companies towards the Customs Self-Assessment program. Call us today and inquire if moving to CSA is right for you in the future.